My name is Martin. I'm a human and that's my most important title. Also, I'm a baron of Sealand, a computer programmer, a writer (4 books so far) a game developer and a podcaster. I was born in Poland, then lived in UK, Ukraine and Spain. So far.

Also, I don't want to be an idiot. One of many things that make you one, is to believe in something that has zero chance of being true. Beliving is a form of risk, and risk is a good thing. But risk should be calculated.

This is a podcast. Every week or two I talk about the Bible, God and life in modern world. I try to explain that what the Bible says is not what people wish it should say.

Also I promote the idea that your attitude towards God should be based on reasoning and facts. Not on feelings or traditions. Your personal decisions are what defines you. Not the fact of belonging to a group, community or a church.

I try to talk about complex things in a simple way and with as much clarity as possible.

I've been running a simmilar podcast in Polish since 2005 and I thought it's time to move on. Not many people in the world speak Polish. It's a terrible language. You thought Chineese was difficult? Well, try Polish.

If you think I want you to become a Christian or start attending church then you are mistaken. What you choose and where you go is your business, not mine.

I'm a little strange here, I know. Everybody expects me to sell God and measure the success in numbers. Sorry, but I'm not gonna do that.

I only want you to realize one thing: it's you and only you who are responsible for your own life and your choices.

So even if you believe there is nobody to answer too at the end, isn't worth to take few hours to explore this possibility at least? There is lots in stake here.

Why not? I could just make money and be content. Or pretend to be, like most people seem to do. But I think I have few things to say that might be useful to someone out there.

There are no rules. There is just me. I gold the right to kick you out of here if you behave like an asshole.

So try to avoid the following:

  • Don't refer to me as "sir", "reverend", "master" or other nonsense. I hate that.
  • Don't sell links instead of having conversation. If I want to hear from Richard Dawkins I'll go listen to Richard Dawkins, you know. But when I'm talking to you I want to hear what you have to say. So don't give me a link, just talk to me, ok?
  • Don't tell me "but my pastor said this" or "the pope says that". I don't care. It's not an argument.
  • Don't ask me to go to YouTube or Facebook. Well maybe I should, but I'm allergic.
  • Don't try to sell me your church. I'm in no church and I'm not interested in churches. I'm not anti-church either, I just don't care much about this way of life. I care about people and personal relations. No churches, please.
  • Don't make me the light of you life. People are strangely easily attracted to strong personalities. They make a god of someone and then they follow him. I don't want any of that. Been there, seen that, hate that. If you want to listen to me, I'm glad, if you want to talk I'm even more happy. But I will not take responsibility for your life of anybody else's. I can be your friend, but not your leader.

If you worry about your personal data, you can stop right now. Because I don't have any. And I don't want any. There is nothing to protect.

The only data about you the website has is your e-mail. It is not very personal, but nevertheless should be well protected. And it is. I wrote this website engine myself and it's been field tested for more that 10 years. Your e-mails are safely stored in the secure database and nobody has access to that data.