My name is Martin. I'm a human. That's really important to me. Also, I'm a baron of Sealand, a computer programmer, a writer, a singer, a game developer and a podcaster. I was born in Poland, lived in UK, Ukraine and Spain. So far. I speak four languages. So far.

I like to play, I like to live, I like to ride bikes. I like lots of things. I'm happy and I write about happiness here.

This is a podcast and a blog. Every two weeks I talk about the Bible, God, life and stuff.

I promote the idea that your beliefs about God should be based most on reasoning and facts, not on feelings or traditions. It involves some risk, as there are limits to what we can know for sure. I believe your personal decisions are what defines you, not the fact of belonging to a group, community or a church.

I try to talk about complex things in a simple way and with as much clarity as possible.

I've been running a simmilar podcast in Polish since 2005. But since not many people in the world speak Polish I started the program in English.

Not much really. I want you to realize that it's you and only you who are responsible for your own life and your choices.

There is lots in stake here, so even if you believe there is nobody to answer to at the end, it's worth to take few hours to explore your options.

Why not? I like the idea that what I say might be useful to someone. Also, it's an interesting way to get to know new friends (or enemies).

Me and my listeners by giving donations. That's it. No organizations, companies or churches support me or this website.

There are no rules. There is just me. I hold the right to kick you out of here if you behave like an asshole.